Spam attack

We experienced our first spam attack. Within the last week, we discovered a tremendous amount of new user subscriptions. Unfortunately, they weren’t real. Most of them were spam. We deleted those users and checked the protection of the community pages. Nothing suspicious was found. We hope we did not delete […]

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Welcome to the Community!

We are now officially launched and announced! Welcome to all the new members who recently joined. I am happy that you joined.  Please feel free to ask questions, write answers, and help grow the community. Invite team members or people from your community interested in open manufacturing, for example. There’s no […]

What do OMP working groups produce?

The output varies depending on the charter and the problem being addressed. Examples include: Code samples – managed through a shared repository and openly published; samples are detailed and structured in a way to demonstrate how to solve the problem with significant attention to quality, efficiency, and security; the code can […]

How are OMP working groups created?

Anyone may suggest a new working group, which is officially created if the following milestones are met: At least two participants are committed to contributing to the working group A Working Group Specification Document is completed and approved by at least two Steering Committee members Once approved, the Working Group […]

How can I join an OMP working group?

When a company becomes an OMP member and signs the agreement, they identify the working group they wish to participate in and sign the corresponding working group charter. Ad-hoc onboarding procedures may vary slightly, as determined by the respective working group.