How to create a new topic

Do you have a question for the community that hasn’t been asked yet? Or do you have something to report that the OMP Community should know? Then it would be best if you created a new topic in the forums.

First, decide if it is a more general topic or if it fits one of the OMP Working Groups. After choosing the parent forum, please select the most specific subforum your topic fits in and click on it. This will take you to the subpage with all the already-created topics and the form to create a new topic.

Decide on a title (max. length: 80 characters) and post your question or comments in the field below. You can use HTML/Mark-up-Language in this field to better display the topic. You can also assign a tag, i.e., make a thematic assignment. We recommend using one to max. three tags. For example, if you introduce yourself to the community in the forum “Networking,” you can use “introduction” and maybe a label for the company you are part of the OMP for and the city or country you are from.

You can also click the checkbox below to be notified by email about responses to your topic. Finally, press the “Submit” button, and your topic will be saved and published in your chosen subforum for all to see.

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