What is the goal of OMP?

The goal of the OMP is to bring forward

  • platform-agnostic solutions,
  • open standards,
  • and technologies

to enable

  • smart manufacturing,
  • break down data silos,
  • and solve real problems across the industry

—regardless of technology, solution provider, or cloud platform. The OMP provides community members with a reference architecture with open source components based on open industrial standards. The approach is designed to standardize industrial data models to accelerate analytics and machine learning scenarios by unlocking access to data historically stored in proprietary systems.

Through collaboration, knowledge and resource sharing, and the formulation of open standards and best practices—we aim to bring the OMP member alliance and community:

  1. Develop practical solutions that enable smarter manufacturing
  2. Collaborate for faster time-to-value
  3. Drive new efficiencies and reduce costs

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