How to contact the Community Manager

In case of any trouble please contact the Community Manager.

Who is your Community Manager?

Hi, I am Romy and your Community Manager in the OMP Community. Usually, I am based in Dortmund, Germany, but I like to travel a lot, and my clients work all over Germany. Before that, I lived in Hamburg for more than six years, but initially, I came from near Leipzig. In between, I studied in Gießen in Hesse. Where are you from?

What qualifies me for this community?

Being a Community Manager for more than 15 years, I hope to be qualified enough for this. Also, in 2010 I started as a Social Media Manager. At the end of 2014, I decided to work independently in Social Media, Community, and Content.

I studied Chemistry until my “Diplom” (comparable to a Master’s degree) in my previous life, so hopefully, I have a basic understanding of manufacturing and your topics. What’s your background?

What else?

In addition to my work, I write blogs regularly, and I like taking pictures. My main blog is about culture and travel – both topics haven’t been much worth noting during COVID. That’s why I decided to take a distance learning course during the crisis (with a Bachelor’s degree at the end) and am tapping into Social Media academically and practically. Another passion is music, and I usually love listening to live music and going to concerts. Tell us more about you, please. 

How to contact me

Almost forgotten! You can reach me best via email at Or you can comment below this post. I will try to get back to you within 24 hours and answer your questions in both cases. On weekends it may take a little longer. I ask for your understanding already now.

Now you know a little about me.
Please check out the forums and introduce yourself. You can use the highlighted questions above as a conversation starter. Please also interact with other members of the OMP Community.
Thank you, and welcome!

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