What do OMP working groups produce?

The output varies depending on the charter and the problem being addressed. Examples include:

  • Code samples – managed through a shared repository and openly published; samples are detailed and structured in a way to demonstrate how to solve the problem with significant attention to quality, efficiency, and security; the code can be forked and used in proofs-of-concept, testing scenarios, or production-ready environments
  • Production-ready code – deployable code that has been thoroughly tested for quality, efficiency, and security; and determined by the working group to have met rigorous defined exit criteria
  • Best practices – published as a whitepaper, this document includes a series of recommendations to address a specific problem optimally; each recommendation is accompanied by a justification, alternatives, and associated tradeoffs
  • Specifications – published as a whitepaper, this document defines technical parameters used to solve a specific problem and is fed back to official standards organizations for consideration.
  • Architectural blueprints – diagrams and explanations demonstrating how different technological components fit together to provide a solution

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