What are OMP working groups?

The heart of the OMP is collaborative working groups.
These small engineering groups focus on

  • solving prioritized challenges
  • establishing standards and best practices
  • building solutions that can affect the entire value chain.

Each working group is established via a charter that describes the scope and intellectual property terms used to develop the materials.

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Working groups use

  • implementation frameworks
  • common data models
  • the principles of open development, including transparency and collaboration.

Documentation and use cases are shared and available to everyone. We define and use a common data model to break down data silos and overcome the challenges of proprietary systems and vendor lock-in.

We currently focus on several core areas, including safely connecting operational technology to the cloud, semantic data models, Industrial IoT reference architectures, core services for autonomous transport systems, and sustainability.

We will form more working groups as they are proposed and decided upon by the membership. Each working group collaborates to deliver a work item or “project.” Some projects produce documents such as requirements or use cases documents, a whitepaper, or an analysis. Others may develop a new capability or update an existing capability for the OMP technology releases. These projects may create a new repository or add, delete, or change existing repositories.

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