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Welcome to the OMP Community. 😊

In General

We maintain a professional exchange here. Please maintain a professional demeanor. Nevertheless, the fun should not come too short. Please note that facial expressions and gestures are not visible in the written word and that irony and sarcasm are often not understood. Sometimes it helps to indicate this directly with a comment.

We have summarized further tips in our netiquette. Please read these carefully before you post or comment for the first time.

We have divided the community into two sections – the forums and the knowledge base.


Please stick to the topic or start your own.

If you do not want to or cannot contribute to a topic, but are interested in it, use the functions at the top right corner of the post.

Use “❤️ Favorite” at the top right of the post if you like the topic or find it essential and “✉️ Subscribe” to subscribe to the post to not miss anything others contribute to the topic.

Knowledge Base

Use the Knowledge Base to answer the most common questions about manufacturing, the OMP, and the community. You can also vote if an answer is helpful for you or not and make comments to add suggestions.

Suggestions for additions to the Knowledge Base are best sent to the Community Manager.

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